The system is the most efficient way to install solar. With SmartSolarBox we are capable to install 100kWp per day. That makes the installation low cost. The system is already terminated, the only thing needed on the roof is to connect the mc4 plugs from the one SSB to the next one.


The system unfolds to achieve an equal distance between each smartsolarbox, the template is used. The SmartSolarBox are interconnected, wich means that the total weight for the construction is connected all togheter. The maximum weight is remarkably high, but the weight per area stays the same. The cables are attached under the metal bracket. On the end row, the SmartSolarBoxes are connected with jumper cables. At the end row, an extra ballast stone is attached to the smartsolarbox construction. The end cables are routed in a cable bridge to the inverter. And after that, the system is connected to a screen that provides all the necessary alarms and the production per hour and day. 

Zero waste

The system is placed in boxes that hold three units and is recycled after the end of the project. This reduces waste.

DEmonstration video


Magnelis® is an exceptional metallic coating that provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection. Magnelis® is also the best choice for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to its unique composition, Magnelis® provides an unprecedented level of surface and cut-edge protection, even in the most hostile environments. Magnelis® is produced on a classic hot-dip galvanizing line, but the molten bath has a unique chemical composition including zinc, 3.5% aluminum, and 3% magnesium.


The system has integrated ballast stones. This makes the installation efficient.  The system has a total weight of 180kg. You can add extra ballast stones to increase it by 22kg. you can add a total of eight stones.  

Integrated cable system

The system has integrated cables. Each box has four panels connected. Cable clips are used to hide and protect the cables under the panel for safety rsasons. That makes the installation safe, and there will be no MC4 plugs laying on the rooftop. 


INstallation videos